Skimpy Bikini

Be sure to pack in that skimpy bikini before heading off to that seaside adventure this summer. If bikinis were scandalous enough in its first years, scantier pieces will surely have tongues wagging and eyes ogling as girls strut their stuff on the beach or by the pool while wearing micro bikinis. There are a variety of styles and designs that can suit different body types. Here is a quick rundown on how to choose the right kind of scant two-piece for you.

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Styles and cuts

These minuscule swimsuits can come in a variety of styles or cuts that flatter what you’ve got. Bikini tops can offer varying degrees of coverage depending on the cut. Triangle styles can emphasize the busts of women of various body types but can work very well for those who are fit to a tee. Top-heavy girls get upper support yet exude sexiness from scanty halter-style tops. Upper garments in bandeau-style can also come in sexy and skimpy bikini variations while amping up the style and flair of the wearer.

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Aside from the upper part, the bottom parts of these tiny swimwear can also do wonders if you wants to bare your body this summer. Bikini bottoms come in different cuts and styles that flatter and cover some parts of the body. For those who want to be a bit more daring yet prefers moderate coverage, Brazilian-cut panties are their best bet. Those who have no qualms about exposing more leg and hip can also opt for tie-sides and string bottoms. However, for those who have the guts and the smooth and firm backsides for that matter, they can go for g-strings and thongs for this summer.

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Designs and colors

These sizzling swimwear pieces can also come in a variety of designs and colors that will make you look sexy and stunning this summer. Not only will fashionable colors and patterns make you look stylish and chic, these can actually help you hide flaws and emphasize assets.

Patterned tops can help bring focus on the upper part, perfect for those who want to divert attention from large hips. Large backsides can also be hidden with bottoms that come in dark colors such as black, navy blue, and purple. Flower accents, geometrical patterns, and other designs are pretty to look at and lend a playful splash of color to your summer. For those who want to have the look of more curvaceous hips and waists, put the focus on the bottom parts. The lower portion of the swimsuit can come in varying styles and colors. Tie-sides and bottoms with hip accents can help bring attention to the middle and lower regions. Lighter colors also make these parts look bigger.

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